sparkcesar2.jpgHow could I not love it? It was two of my favorite “tastes” in television mixed together. Heck, it was better than chocolate and peanut butter… it was the Dog Whisperer and South Park.

I am a huge fan of Cesar Millan… finally, there is a dog show on TV that understands dogs. No other dog trainer comes close to the things that Cesar is able to show people. Sure, the show is ultra repetative – training a dog is really the same regardless of the behavior you are working toward.

Putting Cesar on South Park was brilliant. They pegged his character perfectly and the shot of Cartman rolling onto his back in a “calm, submissive, state” nearly killed me – I was laughing my @ss off! More often than not, SP pushes the envelope in controversy and grossness, but this episode showed that they can still be side-splitting funny without doing unspeakable things with dead grandma’s brain.