jarheadjjsars2.jpgOnce again, it is time to catch up on my movie viewing… this time around the films are pretty varied.

Lets start with Jarhead. This is a film that intrigued me when it first came out, but as I long since quit enjoying seeing films in a theater… decided to wait until DVD. EJ brought it over the other night and although it seemed incredibly long… I did like the film. I like Jake Gyllenhaal more in each film I see and Peter Sarsgaard is turning into a pretty accomplished actor himself.

I heard people saying bad things about the film because it lacked the action of a typical war film… but that was the point. Desert Storm lacked the action of a typical war. Overall, it was a good film even though at times it was way too proud of itself.

RATING 7 out of 10

ffantasyvii.jpgNext up was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. My nephew brought this one over.

From the opening ripoff (or homage?) to Akira… I was sorta disappointed in this one. I really liked the first Final Fantasy film and generally really dig CGI film. There is no doubt it was visually stunning. This one just played more like a typical long anime film than the sci-fi feel of the first one.

Had I not seen the first one, I would probably have liked VII more, and had I not had a splitting headache at the time, I’m sure I would have liked it more. Overall, though I put it in the “middle of the road” category.

RATING 5 out of 10

narniasd3.jpgThe Chronicles of Narnia could better be described as the Chronicles of Yawnia. When seeing the previews, I was impressed with the grand scale and on that count it delivered in spades. Where it came up short however was in acting. It is really too bad since CoN seemed to have everything else.

Beside the poor acting… the score was waaaaay over the top. Each scene came across as something much more grand because of the overdramatized music. Properly scored, this film would have been much, much better.

Did I like the movie? Sure. Was it as good as advertised? Not even close.

RATING 6 out of 10