JJ Yeley NascarNASCAR cars don’t have headlights. Did I just discover a little known fact, or does everyone already know this? Maybe I am just late to the party, but I noticed while watching the Coca-Cola 600 that the headlights are actually decals. It stands to reason… what they heck do they need headlights for? I guess it also sells the illusion that they are indeed “stock” cars. In reality they couldn’t be any further from stock without being an airplane.

I have never been a big fan of watching car races of any kind, but for some reason this seasons Nextel and Busch series races have caught my attention. One of the first races I saw this year had rookie J.J. Yeley (former Sprint car champion) doing well in Busch car and he became my favorite. I noticed he is running the Nextel in todays race in Charlotte.

Again, maybe everyone knew about the headlight thing… I just found it interesting.