Tony D. turned me on to Pete’s Fine Meats a few days back. It is not your traditional meat market nor is it your traditional lunch stop. Pete’s has some great cuts of meat including exotics such as buffalo, bear, boar, snake, kangaroo, etc. In the same hole-in-the-wall building is a lunch counter that has some excellent burgers and barbeque.


I love the fact that it doesn’t have plastic benches and it doesn’t have a value meal. You can’t supersize. There’s no kids meals. Heck, they even trust you! That’s right… you order your food from one spot – sit down and have your meal – and then when you are walking out, the (Mrs. Pete?) asks you what you ate. Total honor system and totally great.


Now, it meant nothing to me, but Tony insisted that I mention the fact that Pete’s Fine Meats is reknowned for their deviled eggs. In fact, as we sat and ate our meal, there were dozens of people ordering and almost every single one ordered a side of regular or jalepeno deviled eggs.

If you’re in Houston… it is worth the stop.

Pete’s Fine Meats
5509 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77056