ecoele.jpgThe irony of this commercial is what qualified it for inclusion. GE is running a series of commercials showing that they are environmentally aware. The tagline is their newly-minted word: ecomagination.

The latest one features this cute little elephant dancing in a rainforest to the tune of “Singing in the Rain.” The claim is that somehow all their industrious efforts create cleaner water and (get this) cleaner running jet engines. This qualifies them as being in-tune with nature.

So, let me see… if I was throwing a 10 gallon bucket of crap over your head and switched to a 9.87 gallon bucket of crap… then that qualifies me as being in tune with you? Nice. GE is one of the largest polluters on the planet and no amount of whitewashing over that fact is going to make them one of the good guys.

ecomag2.jpg“Okay boys, here’s the plan… we throw out some commercials with a green message and use the earth in a logo and people will think we’re not really evil bastards.”

Do NOT be fooled by these guys – GE totally polluted the Hudson River and an entire generation of kids has been raised in the Hudson River Valley with extensive PCB pollution. Don’t believe it? Check the cancer rates in the area. These guys are NOT green.