divolos.jpgI nearly spit out the tea I was drinking when I saw this commercial. Not because it featured a bunch of unknown pretty-boys. Not because it is not my favorite style of music. Heck, not even because it started with “Simon Cowell presents…”

What really threw me for a loop were the statements made in the commercial “The #1 album in America,” and “the most popular band in the world!.” (insert double-take here) Wha Wha WHAT?? Did I miss Il Divo becoming the most popular band in the world?…. the #1 Album in America? It is not even the #1 album in the latin charts… much less the whole shebang.

Please, please, please tell me that nobody is falling for this garbage. I can hear it now… dumb people everywhere at work or school saying, “hey have you heard Il Diva… I heard they are the top band in the world.” “Oh yeah, well I heard their album is the #1 album in America.” At least that is what Simon Cowell is hoping for… that and of course, the cha-ching of album sales to follow.

Too bad when they actually listen to it… they’ll hear it is crapola.