In a very interesting move, ABC is starting to put a ton of their hottest shows online for FREE. Everyone knows that you can grab LOST! on iTune as well as a few others… but a season costs you about $35 with Apple.

ABC has upped the ante in the battle for online video delivery. The day after they air (same as iTunes) you can watch FULL episodes of these shows. The full season of Alias and Commander in Chief are online as well as the past few shows of LOST! and Desperate Housewives.

Check it out to see the dozens and dozens of shows.

Now, you cannot download them into your portable player… you are stuck watching them online… but it is one hell of a volley in the battle for online video supremacy.

These are just a few available right now:

It says it ends June 30… could this just be a test to see if they want to compete with Apple?