Selections from my personal journal during college.

I received no calls last night so I guess rather than be a pest, I’m gonna wait… if they want to talk with me, they’ll call. I’ve been having somewhat of a bummer day. I’ve been sitting in my room playing sad ballads. (NO, not because I am sad… I just like ballads.) Terry just walked in, I guess I’ll go and be a good host. I’ll get back to this later.


Well, its official, Brock & Tonya are getting back together. I think that statement has me bummed out more than any that will follow. Hell, I know it does! Anyway, so on with the bad news. I called Margie and she hasn’t called me back – no big loss. 🙂 Anne is somewhat of a mystery… I don’t know her well enough to be hurt by her not returning my calls. Kelly is another tough one. I ask for Kelly when I call and they say “Yeah, I’ll go get her.” Then they return and say, “I’m sorry… she’snot here, can I take a message?” Sure seems like she is screening her calls.

It sure looks bad for the Collegiate Cassanova in this post… and actually the next few to come. Could it be that the “magnet” doesn’t work? Could it be that the magic is gone? Or could it be that I was incredibly impatient with a huge ego, and if a few hours went by without someone talking about me or to me that I would start to panic? Stay tuned…