The Texas legislature is about to pass the single largest tax increase in Texas history! The worst part is that nobody is talking about it, nobody even knows about it. TODAY, your elected representatives will vote on HB3, the Perry/Dewhurst Business Tax. This tax will CRIPPLE small business in the state.

The few people that are talking about it are selling it as a way to reduce real estate property taxes… that is a total whitewash. The average homeowner will save only $15 a year in property tax… but the average small business will be crushed. Texas will become the ONLY state in the nation with such a tax on businesses and because it unfairly targets small business, (which employs more people than any other sector) it will have a devastating effect on ALL Texans.

The vote is TODAY! Write your elected representatives and call their switchboards now… tell them to vote NO to the Perry/Dewhurst Business Tax.

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