aeonsquat234.jpgI am digging my new arrangement. EJ has the all-you-can-rent package at Blockbuster but doesn’t like to go up there. Since he comes over to my house to watch anyway… he leaves the DVDs with me and I do the swapping. I can swap as often as I wish so I basically get free DVD rentals.

Last weekend I caught Aeon Flux. Now, I wasn’t a fan of the cartoon when it was on MTV… in fact, I never even saw it once. But, I have ALWAYS been a fan of Charlize Theron (mmmm.) Ever since I saw her kick total butt in a white skinsuit way back in 2 Days in the Valley, I have been hooked. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in the HISTORY of the world… she is a damn good actress.

So what of Aeon Flux? Well, it was okay. The story was interesting enough. The special effects were special enough to be watchable. The acting was even worth watching in places. Where it failed miserably was in the action sequences. I blame the editor. In an attempt to create more energy and excitement, it was cut together so fast that it was entirely confusing as to what was actually happening. Sure, you knew she was kicking butt… but it was very hard to tell who’s leg was hitting who’s face etc.

But hey, it had Charlize and I will never get tired of watching that.

RATING 6 out of 10

Next up was The Family Stone… or should I say “The Family Groan.” Actually, I didn’t pick this one out… EJ got it on Mother’s Day thinking that his mom would like it… a very nice gesture on his part. I figured I would watch it before I swapped… but alas I stopped it about 1/2 hour in.

It wasn’t that the film was particularly bad… it just wasn’t my kind of movie. I am sure that in the proper mood, I might have enjoyed parts, but hey – I can swap anytime I want for FREE. Why waste my time? So, I didn’t. It is now sitting happily on the shelf waiting for the next estrogen-filled viewer.

RATING 4 out of 10