hooligans.jpgGreen Street Hooligans was a decent little movie. It had its flaws, but on balance it was decent. The largest flaw was Elijah Wood as a tough-as-nails American turned British hooligan… I will never believe him in those fight scenes. As an actor, he is fine… as a bare-knuckles brawler? Come on. I did like Charlie Hunnam and expect him to be seeing more roles.

The story was simplistic and smacked of a Brit version of Romper Stomper – well, without the neo-nazi stuff. I think the film Made in Britain was better… as a matter of fact, I never reviewed it… so I will do it next.

RATING 7 out of 10

mib rothAs stated above, Made in Britain was better… but as you can see from the rating… not much.

I caught this flick about a year ago and discovered it was Tim Roth‘s first film… well, at least the first one listed on IMDB. Now this film had more of a skinhead angle and wasn’t related to hooligans, but the portrayal of angst, brotherhood, revenge, and violence was pretty similar. I do think that Roth’s Trevor the Skinhead was much more believable despite the fact that neither him nor Wood is particularly large. The main difference was that Roth didn’t have any of the baby fat of Wood and his wild-eyed acting was much more convincing.

Okay, I am probably not being fair – afterall, the two characters were supposed to be very different… but I still can’t buy EW as a hooligan… even a wanna-be.

RATING 7 out of 10