First off, let me say that I am being true to my word and have not seen one minute of the NBA since Kobe Bryant destroyed the franchise by forcing them to part ways with both Shaquille O’Neal and Phil Jackson. That said, I couldn’t help but notice who made it into the championship game.

dal.gif mia.gif

No matter who wins… I am happy. First off, I know this is going to rub some Houstonians the wrong way, but my favorite Texas basketball team has always been the Mavericks. I am pretty sure it was Davad that got me excited about them way back in college.

And an even bigger present would be for Miami to win. Not because I have ever had the slightest interest in the Heat, but because Shaq is on the team. It would be so poetic if Shaq wins a title before Kobe. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Pat Riley (head coach of the Lakers during their 5 championships in the 80’s) is Miami’s coach. I love irony.