I have been discovering that increasingly large numbers of listeners to my podcasts know nothing about the other ones I do. If they know the PMC Top10 – they never heard of Riding with the window down… and vice versa. I figured it was time to share them all here.

Riding with the window down… – this is the combination blog/podcast that you are reading right now. The show features news about my life and can best be described as an extension of my blog… an audioblog if you will. In addition to typical audioblog info however, it has information about Fresh Media Works, the podcasting network I founded and with the help of some great podcasters, have been working dilligenlty at expanding.

PMC Top10 – easily the most successful in terms of downloads. Each week tens of thousands of indie music fans grab the latest episode. In the show, I count down the top ten podsafe tunes beind spun by podcasters all over the globe. It is a ton of fun and features some amazing music.

A Fresh Review – Another wildly successful podcast, this one reviews episodes of other great podcasts in three minutes. The tagline is “Give us three minutes and we’ll give you the best podcasting has to offer.” I am one of a dozen reviewers in this cast created by Fresh Media Works, but not limited to reviewing member podcasts.

Lone Star Gridiron – billed as, “The FIRST and ONLY Texas high school football podcast,” LSG is one of my true passions. Myself and cohost and friend, Mike Wright, cover a sport we have loved since we played together in our own high school days.

Katy Copperheads Official Podcast – The Copperheads are a brand new indoor football team in Katy, Texas (just outside of Houston.) Again with cohost, Mike Wright, we cover everything related to this exciting football team.

This Week in Houston – a true citizen journalism podcast. People in the Houston area are free to submit news items related to Houston and surrounding areas. They can call them in on a voicemail line or submit them via email.

And thats why they call me “the hardest working man in podcasting!”