As you know, I am watching Tony’s dog, Ginger. Well, when EJ came over the other day he was rattling on about something and paying no attention to Lou and Ginger sniffing at his feet for attention. He went on and on about whatever and finally sat down. By this time, Lou had went over to me and laid under my desk. Ginger was still at his feet looking up at him.

Apparently, EJ had not even registered that a second dog was down there and assumed it was Lou all the while. When he finally quit talking, he reached down to pet Lou and exclaimed, “Holy CRAP! What happened to you buddy?” He thought Lou had gained a lot of weight, got a different haircut and shrunk a couple inches.

After I clued him in that it was Ginger and not Lou, he started referring to her are “Bizarro Lou.” I am pretty sure that is not going to sit well with Tony and Julie, but it is kinda funny.

Here’s Lou:

…and Ginger (Bizarro Lou):