Well the Senate failed to pass a constitutional admentment that would ban desecration of the flag. Good! Come on… if we cannot protest by burning a flag, then we have truly lost our freedom of speech. I would much rather have some flag-hating whacko burn up the stars and stripes than get on a rooftop and start shooting. Sometimes, to maintain freedome for all, we have to give a little freedom to a nut job.

Its a small price to pay, as watching someone burn Old Glory doesn’t hurt America, heck, it doesn’t even hurt my feelings. I can’t see why anyone would spend money on a flag just to make a statement burning it anyway. I mean come on… isn’t that what blogs are for? If stopping Flag-burnin’ Frannie from doing her thing means that eventually I might have to watch what I say in my blog… that would be too big a price.

Plus, a constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration would also render some other bits of Americana illegal.
Technically, these are all desecrations of the flag and it would certainly make for a boring 4th of July celebration without the festive paper plates and cups.