I took a few shots in the backyard again this afternoon. I was cooking up some burgers on the grill and noticed that my sunflowers are larger than they have been in previous years. The curren tallest one right now is 18 feet*.

1 – This is how you turn your backyard into a wildscape. With a curtain of sunflowers like this, you won’t even notice that you have neighbors.

2tutrtus-015.jpg 3tutrtus-007.jpg

2 – I discovered why my TiVo has been acting up… I thought something was going wrong with the hard drive, but the sunflowers were blocking about 40% of the dish causing the picture to pixellate.
3 – The new tenants in Turtle World… my freecycle turtles.

* 18 feet doesn’t sound that tall, but picture a six foot tall man – now picture three of them, one standing on the head of the next… that is one big sunflower!