CARS ROCKS!! That’s right. I have a new favorite animated/computer generated movie. Pixar’s Cars is a great movie. Not only does it deliver a very fun film that people of all ages will enjoy… it does it with class and is visually stunning to boot. Just look at this animation!


The CGI in the film is simply amazing. Over and over I was struck with how realistically things were rendered. The landscape was stunning, the physics of things like dirt particles/water etc. was breathtaking, and the cars were just too cool.

Sure the story was simplistic and formulaic, but they used a good story and a good formula. I have never cheered a cartoon before… but I was completely caught up in the storyline and wanted desperately for the hero to prevail. There are not many films shot with real actors even that inspire that kind of emotion.

My hat is off to Pixar once again for taking the bar previously set by themselves and raising it even further. That’s right… my first 10 star rating of the year. In fact, it has been over a year since my last 10 star rating. (Sin City – April 2005)

RATING 10 out of 10