“Wolfgang Puck is in town. Wolfgang Puck in in town!” I heard it over and over from my friend Tony. “We should go see him. I’m a big fanboy *,” he added.

“I don’t even know who the heck this PUCKer is,” I responded… more trying to be funny than anything else… but really – I could care less about my new best buddy, Wolfgang.

After much cajoling, Tony convinced me to swing by the Wolfgang Puck restaurant and say hello. Turns out it was a good thing, the Puckster only had one other person there to talk with him and it appeared that Wolfie was tired of the guy running on at the mouth.


We snapped some quick pictures and I have to say that he does indeed seem to be a really nice guy… and quite a few people showed up to meet him right after we got there. I found it funny that he was going on about how most of the women on “Vegas” are really kind of ugly. I don’t know, I’ve never seen it, but Tony seemed to confirm.

I am sure he is a great guy and I am sure that his show sucks a lot less than some others… heck, I am even sure that his restaurant sucks less than a lot. Am I a big fan of Wolfman Puck now? Not really, but it is a cool thing to write about.

Ok, fine… he is my new favorite chef… I admit it.

* paraphrasing