Chewbacca DefenseDo you guys really think the biggest problem facing our country is illegal immigrant laborers that have been a part of our society for over a hundred years?

Please wake up and see who is selling this hyperbole and ask yourself what they are trying to make you forget.

Come on.. there are dozens of problems more pressing than securing our borders from hard workers. It is a classic case of “sleight of hand.” Remember the fact that our health care and prescription drug systems are both the most expensive in the world and are NOT the envy of ANY industrialized nation? Remember the fact that we are now happy with gas selling for over $3.00 a gallon? Remember the fact that we are forced to carry insurance for everything under the sun, but NOT allowed to make any claims? Remember the fact that our water is polluted, our air is unbreathable, and cancers are at an all time high? Oh yeah, and then there is this little thing of a war that has been going on for four years now… Come on people… you really think sending Juan the landscaper home is what everyone should be talking about? Shame on them for selling it to us and shame on us for even giving it a second thought.