The weekend is not even a day old and already it has been chock full of activity. First off, I did some yardwork with “the kids.” Lou and Ginger joined me in the backyard as I attempted to tame the wilderness a bit.

1weekeends-001.jpg 2weekeends-002.jpg
1 – Lou, chillin’ like Bob Dylan.
2 – Ginger enjoyed sniffing the freshly cut grass and even chased a butterfly for a bit. She seems to be getting a lot more active the more time she spends outdoors.

3weekeends-003.jpg 4weekeends-004.jpg
3 – Lou and Ginger pretty much do their own thing. This was the only shot I could get of them together so far this week.
4 – Mike and I at Cy-Creek High School for the 7on7 tournament. It was hotter than all get out, but featured a lot of good football.

5weekeends-005.jpg 6weekeends-006.jpg
5 – At the end of a long day, what is better than a barbeque in the same back yard where it all started.
6 – Ginger chilled out with her ice-filled water bowl in hopes of sharing the BBQ bounty.

For the record, Lou and Ginger were each treated to a half a hamburger patty. Hopefully, Tony won’t begrudge her a little off-diet treat.