I have to thank Dave for taking the time to call me up and remind me that EUReKA had already started and that the pilot was re-airing tonight. When I saw the previews, I knew I wanted to tune in and check it out. I watched it tonight and sure enough… its good SciFi. Its just quirky enough to remain unpredictable. Its just intelligent enough to not insult your brain power. Its just well enough acted to not take you out of the story. Its just well-written enough to remain enjoyable throughout.

HECK!! What am I saying… it has Matt Frewer! Any SciFi show with Matt Frewer is a winner in my book. I think I am going to like my stay here in EUReKA.

The other very cool SciFi show that I am digging debuted tonight as well… Life on Mars. It doesn’t fit the SciFi mold as much as cop show, but it has a decidedly surreal feel to it. It is not real clear yet if the hero has travelled back in time to the 1970’s or if it is just in his head, but either way I am digging it.

Oh, I didn’t mention that it is a BBC show and thus gets an instant ratings boost for me because I like their show-making sensibilities. If I am not mistaken, it is by the same production company that made Hustle… another Brit show that I like.

Add these two to the recent return of Doctor Who in a new series and you can see that I am a happy little SciFi geek lately. Can you imagine my smile when Battlestar Galactica returns?