contedner321.jpgWell, when the first season of The Contender finished, I stated that it was the best reality show of them all. It was the only one that had something real people were fighting for and more importantly they were really fighting. They were unknown wannabes off the street fighting for a chance of a lifetime.

The show has returned to television with a few changes. First, it moves to ESPN. Next, Sylvester Stallone is gone. But the biggest change has to be the fact that instead of unknowns, the producers decided to go with “little known” boxers instead. These guys are known to fans of the sweet science and will definitely raise the skill level of the show.

I have decided to TiVo the show and see what happens. It appears that it is going to be just as good as the first time around… and who knows… maybe even better. If you like reality shows and you like boxing… this is gold.