legion_1144.jpgWhat the heck is it? Well, its the nose of a jet fighter (USAF Phantom) sitting in the parking lot of the American Legion Post #560. It was a geocache I did today after leaving a client. I saw on the map that it was real close to my appointment so I loaded it in the GPS and swung by after the meeting. Very nice.

This city has so many very cool things… I am still amazed every time I find one. Whether it is 30 foot tall presidential busts, a house made of beer cans, a museum dedicated to wacky cars, crazy statues, weird architecture, or just a little-known hideaway… if its out of the ordinary, I dig it.

Know of something cool in your area? Let me know about it and I will add it to my list of “must see” things.

I also found it on Google Earth