ESPY.jpgI had never seen the ESPY awards before Sunday. I always assumed it was just another award show in a world with waaaay too many of them. This time around it was hosted by Lance Armstrong (the first time an athlete has hosted,) so of course, I had to watch my boy and see how he did. He did great.

I think a lot of people were surprised that he does indeed have a great sense of humor. If you’ve read his books, watched his reality show on OLN, or all the coverage from the past seven years in the Tour de France, you know this… but it seemed to be a pleasant surprise to a lot of folks.

While I knew what to expect from Lance, I didn’t really know what to expect from the ESPYs. Although I am a huge sports fan, I just figured that it would be a subpar awards show. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Sure the acting wasn’t great when presenters read cue cards, but that even sucks at the Oscars. The producers did an excellent job of mixing things up and keeping it interesting, the humor was on-target, and IT WAS FULL OF SPORTS!! How could I not like it?

If sports is not your thing, you won’t get much out of it… but I think it was a better awards show than ANY going. Keep your Oscars, keep your Emmys, keep your Chloes and your Tonys… I’m sold on the ESPYs!