We went to the “Hike with the Hounds” today courtesy of the Houston Active Dogs Meetup group. It was the first time I attended one of their meeting and I have to say, it was a good time.

1hikehounds-001.jpg 2hikehounds-003.jpg
1-Right off the bat, Lou met with Sarge and a beagle that wasn’t a part of the group.
2-So are we gonna walk or what?

3hikehounds-004.jpg 4hikehounds-010.jpg
3-Ginger is ready for anything
4-Halfway through the Inner Loop we took a pit stop by the pond

5hikehounds-015.jpg 6hikehounds-021.jpg
5-Ozzy enjoying his walk in the woods
6-Ginger for sale!! She didn’t mind as long as she had A/C

7hikehounds-022.jpg 8hikehounds-033.jpg
7-Trudy and Ozzy enjoying the air conditioning
8-Relocated to Beck’s Prime it was time for everyone to eat

9hikehounds-041.jpg 10hikehounds-043.jpg
9-Trudy posing for Dog Fancy
10-After a hard morning, Lou was wiped out

The whole group (photo by Suze Eide, photographer)