ultralifecommercial.jpgBeer commercials have long been the bastion of juxtaposition. Hot bodies playing volleyball or mountain biking and then popping open a cold one… this despite the fact that beer is not conducive to a hot body. Well Michelob Ultra has taken it a step further… a big enough step to earn a “Stupid Commercial” Award.

The voiceover contends, “Your life doesn’t have one dimension… neither should your beer.” Amidst the stylized music and visuals are images of a super-hottie dancing, cycling, rollerblading, doing yoga, surfing, camping, talking a romantic walk on the beach with GQ Joe, and of course, intercut with shots of her drinking with friends (all super-hot), laughing and having the time of her life.

Okay, as I stated earlier, we are all used to the dichotomy between visuals and actual life in beer commercials, but come on. Now they are actually saying that their beer is not one-dimensional. What is so darned multi-facted about beer? Its not even good beer.