wwtbasuper9.jpgStan Lee’s Who Wants to be a Superhero debuted recently and you know what? I actually like it. Yes, its campy. Yes, its silly. Yes, it uses a weak formula. But come on… who wouldn’t want to be immortalized in their very own comic book by Stan Lee? Okay, well… what fanboy wouldn’t want to be immortalized in their very own comic book by Stan Lee? This is fun stuff.

I do have to say that I was disappointed greatly with the selection of the first person to leave the show. The superhero Levity was kicked off because he had a conversation with an undercover agent of Lee’s about how he hoped to make a ton of money in his business from his appearance on the show. His business is making customer action figures.

Stan Lee claimed that a superhero needs to be selfless and not interested in personal gain… uh, I have to call bullshit on that one. What about Tony Stark (aka IronMan)? He was a insanely rich billionaire playboy that was still a great superhero… and speaking of billionaire playboys… the Caped Crusader himself – Batman was also among the money-making spandex elite. It was total crap to kick off Levity for the comment… the real reason was that Stan Lee and the SciFi channel are the greedy ones who took the opportunity to get rid of some merchandising competition.

If they wanted to kick someone out for an ethics violation, it should have been the Iron Enforcer, who kept talking about his skills as a killer, how he liked killing, and how he was using it for training to kill when he ships out to the Middle East.

I really didn’t care for the constant Blackberry product placement but if you can overlook that and forgive the lack of ethics in kicking off Levity, it looks to be an entertaining series. The first challenge was a perfect example.

Our heroes were given the task of changing from their secret identity into their costumes in public without getting caught and racing back to a predetermined location the quickest. What they didn’t know is that in their path on the way back was a crying girl that had lost her her mom. Most of the “heroes” ran right past her trying to get the best time. A few put the needs of the girl ahead of the show and helped her. The ones that bolted past her were floored to find out that she was indeed the real test. I love this campy, superhero, goody-two-shoes stuff!

Oh yeah… best line from the first show…

“It’s okay, Fat Mama’s here!”