Selections from my personal journal during college.

Well I bared my soul to Tonya – I let her know how I feel –> no reply. Story of my life – that’s all I’m getting from each of them – silence. That’s okay, I’m a tough guy.

I’ve been meaning to write Dawn since I found out she was getting married, but I haven’t made the time. As far as Kelly, Margie, and Anne go – I’m just gonna forget about them. If they call, they call – if not, its their loss. This romance stuff is for the birds. Maybe I’ll concentrate on cycling or (shudder) schoolwork. In any event, I will survive.

Wow… the downswing continues. There is actually a lot of information in this little post. One that I was bummed out about Tonya, miffed about not hearing from the other girls I was wooing at the time, and completely forgot to mention a couple others. More importantly though is the whole “world revolves around me” attitude evident from the entry – you gotta love that. Oh to be young and dumb again.