“MASS MURDER ON AN UNIMAGINEABLE SCALE!!” That is what was splashed all over the television screens around the world today. Give me a break! This is more scaremongering to “keep us in our place.” Apparently, we have been complaining too much about things like the price of gas and various other annoyances. It was about to time to remind us all of the dreaded “Terror Alert Scale.”

Just like the HUGE plot foiled involving Canadian terrorists… this is much ado about nothing. These guys in London did NOT have the bomb ingredients. They have been under surveillance for months and months. They only recently began looking into flight schedules. Sure, it was time to bust the ring… but they were NEVER a threat.

Oh yeah and now we can’t carry a Dr. Pepper or toothpaste with us on flights. This from the same morons that limited us to two books of matches. Am I the only one that finds this all somewhere between laughable and enough to bring you to tears?

There is ONLY ONE SOLUTION to all of this garbage. VOTE in the midterms, but more importantly, vote out every single incumbant. We need to start cleaning house, and returning the power to the citizens. I for one, am tired of being the victim of their gross incompetence, gross dishonesty, gross abuse of power, and gross distortion of the truth.

PS. This is not an anti-Republican rant… BOTH sides of the political spectrum are guilty of not giving a damn about the citizens. They ALL must go!