Cypress_EX_brown copy.jpgI entered a contest a while back with Bicycling magazine for a promotion called BikeTown USA.

The rules were simple… submit an essay about how you would use a free bike to change your life. I entered and then promptly forgot about it. That was until yesterday.

I got an email from Bicycling magazine stating that I was one of the winners from Houston and I will be awarded the above bicycle next Wednesday at Memorial Park in Houston. It is the kind of bike I have been wanting for quite some time, but never got motivated enough to buy.

My goal in getting the bike is to use it as a touring/errand bike. I plan on getting saddle bags for carrying things. I’ll use it to take care of those niggling little trips that by car are a total waste. Runs to the bank and post office as well as grocery store etc… will now be done on the bike. Save the environment, trim the waistline, what could be better?

This couldn’t have come at a better time as it coincides perfectly with my new XBox 360 Diet. Lookout – the pounds are going to melt away now, baby!