I was watching Dateline NBC and caught an interesting story about contractors supposedly defrauding homeowners. I say supposedly because the investigation was not all that thorough and was clearly slanted in favor the their message, “BEWARE THE BIG, BAD, CONTRACTORS.”

I am okay with them using hyperbole in telling their stories… heck, that is what all these “news” magazine shows do. What struck me more than the horrible investigatory piece, was the subjects they chose to portray as the victims. People with multi-million dollar home improvement projects. Uh… sure, I can relate – NOT!

Maybe the contractors were evil, wicked, mean, and nasty – although I believe the truth is somewhere a little more toward guilty of mismanagement – but come on… how am I to feel sorry for a woman who had to spend an extra $100,000 on a $2 million home improvement? How does putting her on the screen sobbing about how this has total shaken her family’s foundation, supposed to resonate with me? The kitchen she was crying in was worth more than the salary of most Americans.

Is her loss any more devastating to her bottom line than paying the deductible on your auto insurance the next time you have a fender-bender? Wake up and notice your audience NBC.

NBCNothing But Clueless?