xbox360diet.jpgOkay, so I have an XBox 360 and I am way over my target weight…. how can I use the XBox to correct the weight? Why the “XBox 360 Diet” of course!

That’s right, I have created a diet based on a reward/punishment system… pretty simple stuff – but it always seems to work for me when I need to do something like lose weight. The diet has several aspects:

1 – a clear system of measuring success
2 – rewards for meeting or beating expectations
3 – consequences for falling short of expections
4 – accountability

The clear measurement of success is accomplished by counting calories ingested and expended and trusting in the simple fact that if on balance I take in less calories than my BMR (basal metabolic rate,) I will in fact, lose weight.

I will use one of my current vices (television) and a soon-to-be vice (playing XBox) as the rewards. I will also use both of them as consequences. If I reach the goals for the previous day, I get to partake in those activities… if I miss… I am shut off for a day.

Accountability will be handled on the blog. I will post my successes and failures for the world to see.

The daily post will be a short note about how things went and the following information:

Calories ingest: #,###
Calories expended: ###
Net calories #,###
BMR* 2,165
Balance #,###

If the balance is a positive number – NO televison and NO XBox
If the balance is between 0 and -390 – NO XBox – television is okay
If the balance is <-390 television AND XBox are okay It sounds much more complicated than it really is... I mean, I DO have a degree in Exercise Physiology... it should be easy.

*BMR – the amount of calories required to maintain my current weight