Footlocker is set to lose millions as they will have to provide new uniforms for shoe salesmen all over the country. That’s right – the NFL has changed its stripes! Gone are the zebra stripes that have been a staple of football since its inception as the era of the flashier officials is ushered in.

I don’t know… maybe I am old-fashioned. (Wait, of course I am – after all Dave has been calling me a curmudgeon for years.) I just prefer that some traditions remain. I was shocked just a few minutes ago, watching the first NFL snaps I have seen this year (I detest preseason and normally skip all of it.) They look so… so… well, European – ugh! I mean, it looks like something you would see on a soccer field – BLASPHEMY!!

What’s next? Pom-poms for the back judge? Sequins on the chain crew? A neon football? Some things are best left unchanged.