Selections from my personal journal during college.

No fear, I’m still here. Both Dave & Bryan left for the weekend. Brock left too, so I guess I’m okay to hang out with in Tonya’s eyes (for the weekend.) We’re going to a softball game tomorrow! Yippee! <–(sarcasm) On a bright note, Sandy is going to be pitching.

Kelly went home for the weekend and I haven’t heard from either Margie or Anne – they’ve got my number.

I’ve been under the weather the past few days… really bad headaches, I lost my voice, and I’ve got a sore throat. This too will pass.

I skipped both of my classes Friday – so I’ll have to make up some excuse. I am thinking this is probably the most boring entry I have ever posted.

Geez… add another car to the pity train. From reading this, you would think this slump had been going on for weeks… when in actuality, it was just three days without hearing from one of them. Its pretty funny when you think about how much people change. Now, a month will go by without hearing from someone and I barely notice… haha.