Selections from my personal journal during college.

What’s that?… A ray of light breaketh from yonder sky! That’s right, sportsfans, you guessed it – things are looking better. I got a phone call from Kelly and she informed me that, no, she hadn’t been screening her calls and if she had, mine would be the only ones she let through. Soon, her and I will be… well, you know.

She’s coming to the basketball game with us Thursday and we are going out this weekend as well. Later.

Wow, was I really like that? I think this reads a lot more goofy than I really was. I come across as part bipolar and part schoolgirl. Maybe I’ve just gotten more jaded with age – haha. Its funny how in such a quick amount of time, I went from cockiness over having four girls on the line to insecurity as I couldn’t get ahold of any of them and then sappy when one called me. Total elapsed time was like three days. Youth comes with so much drama.. haha.