Wow! I think I just heard the stupidest thing ever from a radio station. Okay, well maybe not the stupidest, but man it was sure up there. The Troubleshooter, Tom Martino is on KTRH right now. He does a great show where he goes after crooked businesses that rip people off… fun stuff – but boy did he stray.

As I was shaving to head out of town and see my mother, I heard him blaming the violence in our society on movies like Jackass. Because we watch people getting hurt and laugh, we are more prone to acts of violence. Because we laugh when a midget (his words) comes on screen, we are more prone to acts of violence. Tom, Tom, Tom… please stick to consumer advocacy.

What about the tens of thousands of people dying overseas? What about a news report every other day about a dozen here and two dozen there killed? Are you kidding me? Jackass is the reason for a our violence? What about the despair felt by our citizens who are told one day “be afraid, terrorists could kill you at any second,” and the next day told “okay, you can carry liquids on planes again, but still be very afraid?” How about every newscast covering only the bad things going on locally, nationally, and internationally? How about having to work your ass off to pay your bills and then in the richest country in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD… not being able to afford health care. What about the fear that your next illness will be the one that bankrupts you?

Johnny Knoxville is the root of all evil? Come on, Martino… quit being a moron and go fight Joe’s Tires on their return policy. Stick to something you understand.

UPDATE: Minutes after sending a link to this post to the Tom Martino show, I received this response:

Thanks for the feedback. I read your blog! Of course, I disagree … but that’s America.


Thank you, Tom for responding and in retrospect, moron was too strong… you are a very intelligent person. I was just shocked when I heard you giving a stupid movie so much credit for screwing up our society.