choochie-011.jpgIt is with somewhat mixed feelings that I returned Choochie (I had taken to calling him Doodlebug) to his original owners. I got a phone call while watching Mad Max that was a bit odd.

“I guess you have our dog,” the man stated.

“Cool! I’m glad you found me!” I responded.

“Its her dog, and I guess she wants it back,” he continued, “He didn’t tear up your house?”

“No, not at all – he’s a great dog.”

“It tears up everything at our house,” he explained, “I called that pet hotline like three days ago and she finally called me back.”

“Cool. I know the system here is pretty strange, they fine you if you put up a sign,” I commented.

“Well, I guess we’ll come git it if you’re gonna be around.”

I gave him the address and said my goodbyes to Doodlebug. We walked outside and waited. The man arrived with what appeared to be his two granddaughters – they were overjoyed but said, “Sorry” when they first opened the door.

“No, problem – we had a great time. He is a great dog,” I answered.

“Sure, you don’t want to keep him?” the man said. I expected to see a smile indicating he was joking, but he was serious.

“If you guys ever need a place for him – just let me know,” I told him, “He just needs exercise and he won’t tear things up in the house. We went walking every morning and he has been super.”

The guy was definitely not happy to be getting the dog back, but he thanked me anyway. I would have volunteered right then and there to keep him, but those kids were just way too happy to have their buddy back.

Its weird because I had trimmed the hair around his face and ears the night before because he was just too scraggly and had told Mike earlier in the day that if I don’t hear from his owners by tonight, I was giving him a complete trimming, shampoo, etc. in preparation for keeping him. As soon as the movie ended, I planned to start grooming him to be a part of the household.

Bye Choochie! Hopefully, they’ll start walking you around the neighborhood and we’ll meet again.