story.bree.ap.jpgCNN “broke” the story today “Mystery solved: Lonelygirl15 wasn’t alone.” Great journalism there guys. Lonelygirl15, otherwise known as Bree, is the star of a series of short video confessions found on YouTube and MySpace.

I haven’t seen the videos, but apparently there was a great deal of buzz about them as people were wondering whether they were real or part of some ad campaign. It turns out they are the result of a collaboration of indie filmmakers trying out a new format for storytelling. Very cool.

What is NOT cool is that nowhere in the CNN article is there a link to the videos. Is it that they do not want to send eyeballs to Murdoch’s MySpace or risk losing an online viewer to YouTube? Geez, guys come on. You are supposed to be journalists… remember Journalism 101? (Who, What, When, WHERE, How)

I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on just CNN, it is an AP story… that means it will be on all the news sites and I am sure that none of them put a link. Nice job, guys.

I am already accustomed to the media totally missing the important stories. Heck, I have even resigned myself to the fact that there is no investigation left in investigative journalism… but at least give a link when referencing an Internet story.

Don’t worry though… I will

Lonelygirl15’s MySpace page
Lonelygirl15’s YouTube page