I recently watched the documentary F*CK. This 2005 film was pretty darn interesting for a flick that spends an hour and half discussing one word. The underlying tale is one of the outrageousness of censorship and the double-standard applied to cursing. It is seemingly okay for people on both ends of the political spectrum to curse like sailors when the mood fits, but the second it is put out on the commercial airwaves, it becomes evil.

I am one of those people who believes that words themselves cannot be bad. The thoughts behind words can be quite hurtful and is another issue altogether… but words are just words.

The film also reenforces a point I have made many times about HBO’s Deadwood – a show that seems to be written with the expressed purpose of seeing how many times they can fit the F-Word into a script. In the first season they used the word 69.3 times PER EPISODE!!! Free speech, I am all for… bad writing, I will never abide. 🙂

So, do I think the word should be celebrated and shouted from the rooftops? Probably not. Do I think that it is telling that the day a new broadcast standards bill was passed in Washington, that VP Dick Cheney was telling Patrick Leahy to “Go F*CK yourself!” publicly. This is the same administration that has proposed regulating indecent language on cable and satellite despite the fact that they do not use public airwaves. Also, they are pushing a bill that would raise the fine for indecent language from $27,000 to $500,000. In addition, there would be jail time for public use of these words. WORDS!!! THAT is obscene!

RATING 7 out of 10