cookiesimpleson1.jpgThat’s right… the final sign of the apocalypse is soon to be upon us. The uber-lame duo of Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook are teaming up for what is sure to be an uber-lame movie – Employee of the Month.

You remember Simpson and Cook, they are the latest in an increasing long line of people SOLD to the public as talented. Their lack of pedigree and skill is matched only by the immense marketing machines behind each. Simpson’s only skills appear to be on display just below her neck and Dane Cook is one of the least funny comedians ever.

Oh wait.. there’s more – this film sports such superstar non-talent as Andy Dick too! How many times can one person use the joke, “I’m not gay?” Stay tuned, because Andy will still be using it years from now.

The saddest thing about the film is that there will be a boatload of television-influenced drones that will pay to watch it, convinced that these hacks have some sort of talent.