Mmmmmmm…. I feel so warm and safe inside. Its that feeling of getting a warm towel out of the dryer on a cold day… that feeling of a snuggle on a lazy morning… that feeling of friends and family together for the holidays… yes, its that good. It is the return of Battlestar Galactica. Okay, well maybe not the return to telivision, but SciFi is giving us something to tide us over. TEN ORIGINAL EPISODES on the web leading up to the season premiere on October 6th. YEAH, BABY!!

Sure, they’re short. Sure, they should have been available as video podcasts. Sure, its not perfect. But come on – its freakin’ Battlestar!!! Kudos to the SciFi Channel for again being original and again pushing the envelope in blurring the lines between broadcast and their web presence… and kudos for helping us ease the pain just a bit while we wait for our next fix of Galactica!