Selections from my personal journal during college.

Well Kelly did show up at the game Thursday, but she was with Shaun (her ex-boyfriend.) I tried to call her Friday, but was told she went to Houston for the weekend. Anyway, I am at the game Saturday and halfway through the first half, I glance over and about ten seats over is Kelly waving at me. I went and talked to her for a bit (which upset Tonya) and told her I would call after the game. When I got back to the apartment she called and we talked. Tonya was still with and got visibly bummed out that I was being a less than gracious host – I was secluded in my room talking with Kelly. Tonya opted to leave and stuck her head in to say “goodbye.” (I am really quite a jerk at times, I am not sure why I try to keep them all juggling in the air.)

After talking on the phone for about an hour, I borrowed Dave’s car to go pick her up and bring her back to the apartment. We (ahem) went at it until about four in the morning. It looks like there is a definite possibility there. Oh well, I will just have to wait and see. In the meantime I just hope I don’t do anything to screw things up with anyone else in case I find out Kelly isn’t the right one for me. I’ll leave you with that bit of confusion.

Geez… that boy has some serious issues. I am sure a psychologist/psychiatrist could write a book about how insane my thinking was. All the while, I knew I had fallen for Tonya, but never one to rely on the “bird in the hand,” it seemed I was always doing my best to screw that up. In hindsight, hurting Tonya was probably my biggest regret from those years.