governor06.jpgLongtime readers of this blog will know that prior to a major election, I break down the candidates, their positions on key issues and give them a report card. I do it not only to spread information about the candidates free of political and media bias, but to help make my own decision on how to vote. Unlike 90% of the voters, I go into every election without a preconceived favored party or candidate.

To refresh, during the presidential campaign in ’04, I would take each subject as a blog entry (environment, war on terror, economy, etc.) and rate the candidates. Then when all was done, I gave a final report card.

The candidates that I will be grading are:

Republican Party
Rick Perry – incumbant

Democratic Party
Chris Bell – Former Congressman, Former Houston City Councilman & Attorney.

Richard “Kinky” Friedman – Country Music Singer, Mystery Author, and Jewish Cowboy.
Carole Keeton Strayhorn – Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, former Railroad Commissioner, former City of Austin Mayor, and former Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees President.

James Werner – Sales Consultant

The issues: