I had another in a line of what is becoming a series of strange coincidences. Today after having not listened to any Rod Stewart music in years, I broke out the 4 CD Storyteller collection (see below.) Through editing, driving in the car and all my daily activities, I managed to listen to all four CDs. I was struck by something odd and pointed it out to a friend at dinner tonight.

Rod’s most popular music was the stuff he did in the 80’s – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, Passion, Infatuation, Some Guys Have all the Luck etc. I came to the conclusion that although I was (and still am) a huge fan of Rod Stewart, I really don’t like the 80s stuff very much now. I prefer the earlier stuff, I Was Only Joking, The Killing of Georgie, and even the later stuff Downtown Train, Forever Young a heck of a lot more. I was conveying this realization and specifically mentioned Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and my words were “its crap.”

Then tonight, who is on Jimmy Kimmel promoting his new album? Rod Stewart! The coincidence didn’t end there… Jimmy and Rod were talking about his hits in the 80’s and Do Ya Think I’m Sexy came up… Rod’s words were “It’s a piece of sh*t!”

Too weird.