dauber655.jpgThat is the name we used for a family of wasps common throughout Texas – the Mud Dauber. They are so named because they construct their nests from mud. I am not referring to these non-aggressive wasps, but instead to the battle for Tom Delay’s vacated 22nd congressional district in Texas. The Dobbers in question are Shelley Sekula-Gibbs and Nick Lampson.

Nick is the lesser of the mud slingers as he has only pointed out things such as Sekula-Gibbs accepting a pay raise while on Houston’s City Council. That isn’t a big deal until you put it in light of the fact that she voted against a police pay raise and the majority of her council counterparts refused their raises.

The real dirt is being tossed about by Sekula-Gibbs who asserts that Nick Lampson’s values include “violence and sexually explicit games to children” and “is for abortion.”

Neither seems to stand for anything themselves, as both are focused on why the other sucks so bad. It makes you proud to be an American.