191.oilderrick_180x188.jpgIt strikes me as odd that we believe oil and coal are “fossil” fuels – that is fuels that are created by decaying organic life. Where is the evidence? Is it just voodoo science that we have heard since we were children and thus believe? I think so. Where is the empirical evidence? Where are the scientific trials and studies repeating (and thus proving) the process? Maybe because those close to the issue know that oil is not the result of millions of years of pressure and decay, but instead the result of common chemical and physical reactions in our earth’s core.

How else do you explain hydrocarbons (of which gas, oil, and coal are) present in other planetary bodies? Did they all have organic life that died millions of years ago, got compressed and heated, and then flung into space? Not as likely as further evidence that these hydrocarbons are the result of common chemical and physical reactions found throughout the universe.

So, is this another vast conspiracy to control the price of oil by pretending it is not abundant? Probably not. It could just be that the “old guard” still believes the fossil theory, it could just be that our usage is outrunning the rate of replacement, or it could just be that they are going to take care of some “political business” before announcing to the world that oil is indeed abundant and cheap.

I am going to predict that just as diamonds can now be created in the lab, oil will either be manufactured altogether or the technology to reach deep internal stores nearer the earth’s core will be developed within the next decade.

And before you think that will solve the world’s problems… remember that taking it from the earth and putting it into our atmosphere as C02 is STILL a huge problem for the health of the planet and everyone living on it.