It is time for the second installment of your candidate report cards.

Immigrationsee previous post (value 1)
Education – this is a much more important issue as Texas lags behind most states. The current system is definitely broken. (value 3)
Taxes – all the corruption is our government has been paid for on the backs of homeowners and small businesses. (value 4)
Healthcare – we have more non-insured people than almost every other state. The fact that without insurance our choices are often poverty or death is a major problem. (value 2)
Environment – the mother of all issues. A healthier environment will help education and healthcare and without it, nothing else matters. (value 5)

Let’s move on to Education…

Read on for an explanation of the grades

Perry on Education – more spending is his solution. Welcome to the new face of Republican politics, intent on outspending the Democrats.

Bell on Education – he is high on complaints about the current system, but low on solutions. Where’s the beef?

Friedman on Education – although he criticizes the TAKS system, he doesn’t really have an agenda when it comes to education. No plans, just criticisms.

Strayhorn on Eduction – she wants to solve everything with increased spending. Oh, and she would like the TAKS testing to be done at the beginning of the year instead of the end.

Werner on Education – chalk one up for the Libertarian. Werner’s voicher system will give Texans freedom to send their children to the school of their choice. He does not address things like the TAKS testing.