It is time for the fourth installment of your candidate report cards.

Immigrationsee previous post (value 1)
Educationsee previous post (value 3)
Taxes see previous post (value 4)
Healthcare – we have more non-insured people than almost every other state. The fact that without insurance our choices are often poverty or death is a major problem. (value 2)
Environment – the mother of all issues. A healthier environment will help education and healthcare and without it, nothing else matters. (value 5)

Its time for Healthcare…

Read on for an explanation of the grades

Perry on Healthcare – like everyone else, he wants to expand the programs that are not in contention CHIP and Medicaid. The bulk of his other healthcare initiatives when you strip out all the “we need to be leaders” rhetoric comes down to getting our kids to exercise more by spending money in the school.

Bell on Healthcare – he is very long on pointing out problems, but his solutions do not address the root causes. Bell wants to expand all the feel-good programs such as CHIP and Medicaid, but has no solutions for the average Texan who is not a child or senior.

Friedman on Healthcare – the fact that the best grade in healthcare belongs to the candidate with no plan at all is scary. Once again Friedman is full of criticism, but proposes no alternative.

Strayhorn on Healthcare – she is also a supporter of expanding CHIP and Medicaid but not much else. She suggests that small business “should” pool together to get insurance. Geez, Grandma, thanks for the help.

Werner on Healthcare – no real plans for dealing with healthcare. His only statements seem to favor putting healthcare only in the hands of private enterprise.