It is time for the fourth installment of your candidate report cards.

Immigrationsee previous post (value 1)
Educationsee previous post (value 3)
Taxes see previous post (value 4)
Healthcaresee previous post (value 2)
Environment – the mother of all issues. A healthier environment will help education and healthcare and without it, nothing else matters. (value 5)

Its time for Environment…

Read on for an explanation of the grades

Perry on the Environment – Perry is by far the weakest on the environment. His ties to coal and oil are obvious in initiatives created to assist those industries. His focus on renewable energy sources is also the least aggressive.

Bell on the Environment – he is fairly aggresive on renewable energy legislation. Bell proposes legislation requiring 15% renewable by 2015.

Friedman on the Environment – he is a big fan of alternative fuels and he is the only candidate that will publicly say that global warming exists. Friedman proposes legislation requiring 20% renewable by 2020.

Strayhorn on the Environment – no real plan at all.

Werner on the Environment – overall, he is actually worse than Perry in that he wants the health of our environment handed over to private companies. Not only does he trust them to “do the right thing” despite a long history of corporate rape of the environment, Werner would like our state parks handed over to private companies as well.