Yep… it is the Return of Choochie! Read the entry from a few weeks ago for the backstory.

Yes, once again he is “on the lamb.” Which is fitting since he kinda looks like a tiny lamb. Turns out I don’t have the phone number for the guy that I returned him to last time and since he wasn’t real excited to have the dog back before, I am doubtful that he will track Choochie down this time.

Well, the first thing I did was to give him a real haircut. I know I am taking a chance at p*ssing off his real owner if they don’t like it – but this dog was seriously matted. I did it for the health of the dog primarily and if that upsets the guy – tough noogies. Choochie seems to be a whole lot happier – although this is hard to tell since he is such a happy dog anyway.

Him and Lou were fast friends again in no time and fell right into their old walking routine – Lou leading the way and Choochie following dutifully behind.